Chesley Software

A family run company serving the small to medium business or organization.

Extensive experience with real estate and hospitality industry clients.

We are also always looking for business startups to help them grow!

We work with clients around the USA and internationally but call southern New Hampshire home.

Chesley Software was founded by Alison Chesley, an alumnus of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and a fine arts painter with experience in commercial graphic arts and print media.

How we work with you

1The first order of business is to get to know your business.

How do you go to market? What drives business growth for you? Who are your competitors and how do you need to position your business to compete more effectively? We help you define what business goals you want to realize from your investment in a web presence.

We will also perform a site assessment of your existing web site and explore with you what Internet marketing initiatives you have now.

2Based on our initial analysis and discussions we will prepare a detailed proposal for a web site redesign focused on achieving the business goals we have jointly defined. The proposal will make clear all project investments as well as detailing any recurring costs so you can budget effectively.

Upon your acceptance of our proposal and subject to any modifications we work out through discussions together we will prepare a detailed implementation plan to accomplish the project milestones.

3Based on the proposal and implementation plan, we will design and construct the new site on a staging URL that you can evaluate as we work through the process.

We will also do the technical work of setup and configuration of Google Apps/Gmail for your organization if this is part of your project.

Internet marketing programs will be configured in preparation for site launch and will be documented for your review.

Once all designs and programs are approved by you we will schedule a go live date or dates and plan. Go live will include DNS (domain name service) configuration and validation, final re-migration of existing content if converting from an existing WordPress based site, migration of existing email account data, configuration of site monitoring, and final validation of the new site and services.